Oceani luminosi

Oceani luminosi – Personal exibition of Renzo Regoli

Renzo Regoli born in Siena in 1970 and since he was a child, he showed a strong propensity for painting and drawing. He attended the Art Institute in Siena and then, according to his strong passion for nature, he studied geology at the University of Siena until 1990. After graduation in 1995 and his PhD from the University of Siena (1997/1998), a great talent for drawing and a deep love for nature introduced him to painting. Periodic stays at the mountains in harness with nature, inclined him towards knowledge and love for landscapes. Between the years 1999 and 2000 he started collaborating with some art galleries, creating works where he wisely blended his knowledge of nature and his passion for meteorology. In his works we can find the poetic and the evocative atmospheres of the Tuscan landscapes. Looking at his canvas is like getting lost in the hills of the “Crete Senesi”, in the Tuscan seashores and in the mountains of the Apennines. He approaches naturalistic subjects with an extraordinary talent and a perfect grace, evoking romantic feelings and a sense of infinite peacefulness of the soul.

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