Filippi – Regoli


Siena Dentro E Fuori

The B.V. The Art Gallery opens on December 1, 2011 at 5.30 pm in via di Città 111 in Siena, the exhibition of Fabrizio Filippi and Renzo Regoli, entitled “Siena inside and out”.

The title of the exhibition “Siena inside and outside” declares the intention of representing this magical city in its various aspects: inside and outside the historic walls, inside and outside the heart of its inhabitants, an out of the ordinary city that remains inside you for Always.

It is wonderful to take a walk in the alleys, sit or lie down on the ground in Piazza del Campo and look at the stars. Imagine the immensity enclosed in the magical shell, feel protected by this square and think that the world is outside.

Fabrizio Filippi and Renzo Regoli were invited to tell the city in its various aspects trying to leave their mark on their canvases, to impress a magical world that can remain “inside and outside” to those who stop and look.