Fabrizio Filippi – Tuscan windows – personal exhibition

EXHIBITION PERIOD:  from 16 September to 15 October

B.V. Art Gallery sas – via di Città Siena
tel. +39 0577 223793 mob. 348 3611410
exhibition hours: 10.30 – 19.30

Sometimes it is enough to look out the window with a different gaze to give emotions and to show that the most beautiful subjects are often right before our eyes.

Fabrizio Filippi adopts these arguments and brings them to “real” windows.
His works convey feelings of great joy and harmony and reinterpret the symbols of the Tuscan landscape in a personal key, outlining a joyful Tuscany.
Natural beauty is the source of inspiration for the suggestion that takes shape in chromatic symphonies and lively brushstrokes.
From Fabrizio Filippi’s paintings, before any critical technical analysis, it is important to capture the feelings, the impressions, the aesthetic and emotional “shivers” they cause.
His works strike our eyes, reach our hearts at the same time and recall vivid memories.

His works are by a contemporary painter who is able to reconcile modern acquisitions and ancient artistic advice.
A painter can admirably blend a wise choice of landscape elements with modern graphic skills and a well-balanced compositional structure.
Its rich chromatic modulations of lyrical resonance envelop us and accompany us in the Tuscan landscapes: from the shores to the care of the Etruscans, the inland areas around Volterra, San Gimignano, Cortona, Arezzo, Siena, Lucca and Pisa, cities of art in the middle of a dreamlike nature.

Fabrizio Filippi deceives the viewer to look at the enchanting Tuscan landscape as if from an open window. Hilly landscapes, populated by farmhouses, small churches and pretty hilltop villages, country roads, green meadows, full of yellow gorse, gentle slopes of dazzling sunflowers, dotted ripe crops with a riot of red poppies, with a predominance of very bright and warm colors, everything is so fresh, fragrant, charming.